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ID> UI-IV-227 ::: Proyecto de inversión: Balneario Sauce del Portezuelo, Maldonado

Datos del inmueble

A Seaside Resort with Future
Investment Project Sauce de Portezuelo
A Promising Business with Many Possibilities 

If you are interested to invest and get a return of your money in, let's say, two years... If you want to multiply your money and have good and stable earnings during the following years of, let's say, 700.000 USD a year... Then this might be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

  • Openmindedness for new ideas (not 'crazy' ideas, but new ideas)
  • Entrepreneurial vision
  • 4.000.000 USD
General Information

The clue of the here offered investment project is buying part of a seaside resort in statu nascendi on the south coast of Uruguay. But this is not only a profitable real estate business (puchasing a huge amount of building plots near to the beach in a unique opportunity and reselling them at a manifold higher price; see details below).

Very promising is also the subsequent administration of the newly created resort, which means the supply of necessary and useful services for the home and land owners of the place (see below).

The place is called Sauce de Portezuelo and is located at km 109 of Ruta Interbalnearia, just in the middle of the well known seaside resorts Punta del Este (25 kmts.) and Piriapolis (25 kmts.), and at only 2 kmts. of the international airport of Laguna del Sauce. Conoisseurs of this country know that this is one of the best areas of Uruguay.

The location's private (!) beach is 2.5 kmts. long (360.000 m²!) and consists of fine, white sand. The waters are clear and transparent. Another private beach like this does not exist in Uruguay any more! The northern limit of Sauce de Portezuelo is the Ruta Interbalnearia. There are several direct accesses to the place.

The total area of Sauce de Portezuelo is 380 hectares. The distance from the Ruta Interbalnearia (north) to the beach (south) is 1.5 kmts. The east west extension is 1.2 kmts. on the Ruta and 2.5 kmts. on the beach. The rich and abundant vegetation includes palm trees, eucalyptus, acacias and many other 'exotic' species.

The parcelling of the land is completely done. There is a total of 6.000 plots with a surface of 400 to 1.200 m² each, being the average size approx. 600 m². Additionally, there are some bigger properties of several hectares (see below).

Approx. 70% of the planned roads do already exist, as you can appreciate in the attached recent satellite picture of GoogleEarth. The municipality is oblidged to build the remaining roads if somebody is about to construct there. Furthermore, the municipality has the obligation to maintain the roads. Electricity and telephone cables are also already present.

The drinking water is supplied by proper wells, as it is very common along the entire uruguayan coastline. The sewage disposal is done through soakaways, which must be emptied periodically by specialized companies. Getting connected to the public water supply system is no problem, if desired.

So far only a few homes have been built in the resort. Actually argentinian investors are constructing a hotel.

The fishing grounds here are abundant and rich of species. You can angle here from the shore or by boat. Depending on the water currencies, you will catch salt or sweet water fish, like e.g. the La Plata Croaker (span. Corvina, zool. Pachyurus bonariensis), Catfish (span. Bagre, zool. Ictalurus punctatus) or Dogfish (span. Cazón, zool. Galeorhinus galeus), a small shark species which is harmless for humans. All of them are treasured eating fish species.

At only 7 kmts. distance, in Piedras del Chileno, in the near future a new yacht harbour will be built, in addition to the two already existing marinas nearby in Punta del Este and Piriapolis.

The property tax (span. „Contribución Inmobiliaria“) is only around 100 USD per year per plot.

The Investment

The offered package consists in
  • 400 plots of land between 500 and 1.000 m²; average size: approx. 600 m²; total surface of all plots: approx. 240.000 m². The plots are spread over the entire resort. Each of them is close to the beach.
  • Three bigger properties:
    • A. 8,5 ha with a house (violet in the attached plan)
    • B. 1,5 ha (green in the plan, adjacent to A)
    • C. 2,5 ha (red in the plan; the heart of the place, suitable for a restaurant etc.)
  • Total surface (including the bigger properties): approx. 365.000 m²
  • 360.000 m² private beach, 2,5 kmts. long (no constructions allowed)
  • The company Taylor S.A. (Inc.), which is the formal owner of these properties and can be used for the administration of the place (see below).
Total price: 4.000.000 USD
Square meter price: approx. 10.96 USD

Already the current market price for a square meter of land in this area and location is much higher than this! And as the resort will develop, the prices will multiply, as it happened with other seaside resorts here in the recent past.

This business would already be brilliant, if it were only a real estates investment. Reselling only approx. the third part of the purchased land for the current market price, you can get your investment back. But this is only one aspect of this business proposal, and maybe not even the most interesting one (see below).

Additional Information
1) If you are interested, more plots of land can be made available for purchase in Sauce de Portezuelo. Furthermore, we can achieve that the public green area of 2 hectares adjacent to A and B (see above; light blue in the plan) is liberated for private purchase and use. On the so created 12 ha area (violet, green and light blue areas in the plan) a leisure park, sport facilities, a club or something alike coud be built, if you don't want to parcel out this area and sell it as construction plots, too.

2) All properties are free of hypothecs, but there are some tax debts and embargos against Taylor S.A., all of them covered by the above mentioned sales price. If you purchase Taylor S.A., everything will be 100% legally secured by a notary.

4) The beach is officially registered and recognized as private property since the first parcelling of this land. The municipality could try to expropriate this beach and make it public, as almost all other uruguayan beaches are. In this case, the municipality would have to pay a considerable compensation, if she wins the trial. But even then the real situation of the beach would practically not change. Just like before, this beach would be used almost exclusively by the inhabitants and guests of the resort.

Business N.o II

Another profitable business that can be made with this investment is the organization and administration of the resort during and after its construction.

A resort of this kind needs:
  • Medical emergency services, with a small clinic on the spot itself
  • Firefighter and police presence, with the corresponding infrastructure
  • Garden and landscape cultivation services
  • Handcraft and maintainance services of all kind
  • Cleaning services
  • Nursery
  • Gastronomic and leisure proposals and facilities
  • Security services for the homes and the resort as such
  • Etc.
Which home owner would not willingly pay, let's say, 200 USD per year for not having to take care of the mentioned affairs? Even if only 80% of the 6.000 plots would participate, the annual income would be 960.000 USD (200 USD x 4.800 plots).

It is important to know that the administration's expenses will be almost insignificant, while the earnings will be even higher, e.g. by making agreements with the contracted service providers.

We would be ready to administer the resort for a profit participation of 30%. But the investor is free, of course, to do anything on his own account – or just do nothing in this regard.

Attached Fotos and Plans
  • I) Satellite picture of Sauce de Portezuelo (GoogleEarth)
  • A) Map of the region
  • B) Cadastrial plan of Sauce de Portezuelo
  • C) Plan with marked bigger properties
Included in the package:
  • Violet – Property of 8.5 ha                   
  • Green - Property of 1.5 ha                   
  • Red - Property of  2.5 ha
Not included in the package:
  • Pink – Hotel that is being built
  • Yellow – Lookout point
  • Light blue – Public green area (see above)
  • Foto 1: Beach and sea
  • Foto 2: Earth foad
  • Foto 3: The mentioned lookout point
  • Foto 4: View towards Punta del Este. The house is part of the package.
  • Foto 5: The church, included in the package
  • Foto 6: Home on the 8.5 hectare property (also included)

Información financiera
Precio4.000.000 US $Comisión3%

Ubicación del inmueble
Sauce de Portezuelo

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